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Holiday Gift Guide: Buying the Right Gift for Her

For many of us Christmas is our favorite holiday but if you’re like me, we dread gift shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving presents to family and friends (You get a gift card! You gift card, Everybody gets a gift card!). I can pretty much get my Christmas gift shopping done in a day.

Here comes the difficult part. Buying the right gift for that special girl in your life. I don’t want to state the obvious BUT don’t buy her a gift card! And if you’ve been with your girl for as long as I’ve been with my wife, it gets even more difficult because you almost have to outdo yourself year after year.

Every girl is different so instead of me throwing random gift ideas of what you should by your girl, I got the help of some of my female blogger friends to offer their suggestions.

Hopefully one of these gals has similar interests has your girl to help you with your gift selection.

The Fashionista/Nerdy Girl

Nancy Sevilla

Social Media Investigator, Freelance Editor

Instagram: @fancynancista

Facebook: @FancyNanc-ista

Twitter: @FancyNancista

I chose the “Fashionista & Nerdy Girl,” because people know that I am into Fashion but what they don’t know is I am a huge nerd as well! I love playing video games, and staying up all night watching movies like the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series.

Nancy’s Gift Recommendations:

(click photos for details)

The Urban Foodie Girl

Jacquelynn Carrera

Radio Creative Director

Instagram @lalifeinheels

I am that girl that you come to for creative ideas or new bars/ restaurant suggestions. Sometimes a foodie sometimes not, I also enjoy staying active and are an avid hiker and enjoy cycling on my downtime. Mimosas are my best friends on Sundays and always enjoy being around great company and friends. I love everything LA but also love to travel and explore new places when I can. I enjoy watching TV series such as House of Cards and Ray Donovan to romantic comedy movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary. When it comes to music I mostly listen to house music DJ’s such as David Guetta but are also a fan of Spanish rock, salsa and alternative music.

Jacquelynn’s Gift Recommendations:

The 24/7 Hustler with Humor Girl

Samantha Sito

Tv and Radio and now a Full-time Girl Boss

Style + Entertainment writer at

Obsessive Trend Invitation

Instagram: @SamanthaS.Style l Twitter: @otisamantha

I love to create! Whether it be through the pictures I post on Instagram, or the videos I film, to the content on my blog, I want to create something that people enjoy and are entertained by. I have big dreams and I look at life as one big, funny, amazing adventure. I like long walks on the beach, eating your dinner and adult colouring books. I try baking but prefer being fed. Love Superhero movies!

Samantha’s Gift Recommendations:

The Feminine Career Girl

Guille Nuñez

Lifestyle Blogger, Full-time Career Girl

Slightly Obsessed with Beauty & Fashion

Instagram: @GlutenFreeLatina l Twitter: @GfreeLatina

I’m a bit of your girl-next-door type: I’m into beauty, fashion and staying healthy, but I’m also a bit of a foodie and can’t ever say “no” to a good dinner! I love getting dolled up because image is very important to me, so I try to look a bit put together even on casual days.

Running, weights, bikram yoga and red wine are my stress-relievers of choice, but I also enjoy traveling. I love taking vacations to warm, beachy places where I can get dolled up...Las Vegas, Miami, and Cancun are my favorite places to visit! My current hobby is blogging: I started blogging after readjusting my life due to food sensitivities. It’s kinda tough being a foodie when you’re a busy career girl!

Guille's Gift Recommendations:

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