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Last Call On Wearing Seersucker

So the traditional rule for seersucker goes, ‘only wear seersucker beginning on Memorial Day and hang it up after Labor Day.’ Well… I’m not sure who made that rule up but I say wear it whenever it’s hot outside! It’s past Labor Day here in Los Angeles and we’re still hitting 90 Degree weather.

My days start early and who knows where they end. Which is why I always carry a blazer to throw on just in case my day extends into the evening. Recently, SoCal has been experiencing a heatwave. I’ve been trying my best to stay casual and put together so I wore one of my favorite pique polo shirts. My evening plans were still TBD so I brought my seerseeker jacket just in case.

If you’re looking to be comfortable and well dressed, give the seersucker jacket a try. A seersucker look is perfect for a casual evening grabbing drinks in Venice or near any beach for that matter.

I opted for a neutral seersucker jacket to let my red pique polo shirt pop. Went with a lighter shade of blue jeans and finished the look with loafers. Now, which way to the nearest boardwalk bar!

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