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5 Style Tips to Get You Ready for Casual Friday

For some of us, casual Friday is a day to get a bit more creative with our attire. It gives us the opportunity to show off

a new pair of boots or blazer. It’s almost as if casual Friday is ‘show and tell’ for grown ups. For others, they may take casual Friday too serious or just might need a bit of help.

Don’t forget you’re still at work and you still need to maintain a matter of professionalism. Yes, that goes for your attire as well.

Here are 5 style tips to look your best on casual Friday.

  1. Shoes: If you’re style-challenged, leave the basketball shoes at home. If you can pull off a pair of designer sneakers then by all means rock the sneakers! But if you’re not sure, give your usual work shoes a break by going with loafers, an oxford shoe or you can still stick with your usual work shoe and pair it with the right jeans (more on the jeans later)



J&M 1850 “Karnes” Brogue Cap Toe Boot


Cole Haan Britton Bit Loafer

2. Pants: Now this is the tricky part. You can wear just about any nice pair of shoes on casual Friday but you have to know how to pair the right pants with the right shoes. If you’re wearing a dressier shoe on casual Friday, go with a dark pair of jeans with no tears. I’d say stay with the same type of jeans for the boots similar to the photo below.

Want to wear light colored jeans? Oxford shoes compliment lighter jeans and really give off a casual Friday look. Want to feel more casual? Go with a pair of Chino pants for a more comfortable feel but still keeping your casual Friday attire on check.

Dark Jeans: Naked & Famous Denim “Weird Guy” Slim Fit Raw Jeans

Light Jeans: Gant Stick Boy Well Done Jeans

Chinos: Banana Republic Fulton Skinny Bold Color Chino

3. Belt: The belt is the unsung hero of your outfit. You should pay more attention to your belt as much as you do to the rest of your wardrobe. Many Casual Friday victims transfer whatever belt they use during the week over to Friday and even the weekend. Just like your shoes and pants, a casual belt should be paired with a casual outfit and dressier belt should go with a… you get the idea.

Here are 3 of my favorite belts to get you through casual Friday.

Ted Baker Elastic Belt Red

Topman Reversible Faux Leather Belt

Tumi Ballistic Nylon & Leather Braided Belt

4. Shirt: The shirt is the main course. If you have a well stocked wardrobe of work shirts, learn how to incorporate them into your casual Friday rotation. With the right combination, your work shirts can make a casual Friday appearance. PLEASE NOTE: Wearing your usual work shirts untucked does not count as casual. The length of your work shirts are made longer so that you can tuck them in. That’s why when you wear them untucked it looks extremely long. Be sure to buy collar shirts that are meant to be worn untucked. The length is shorter and you’ll get a more put together look.

Layering is your best friend. Throw on a blazer over your tucked collar shirt and jeans to add a nice touch of casual cool. A blazer also goes well over a polo shirt and even a v-neck or crew neck shirt.

5. Sunglasses: This is the icing on the cake, fellas. Time after time I see guys walk into the office with sporting sunglasses or something out of a music video. Go with something subtle and classic. Don’t let your shades take attention away from your outfit.

Sunglasses add that extra dose of confidence to your walk (oh yea, they also help block out the sun). These are go-to sunglasses that will give you that finishing touch.

Saint Laurent SL57

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Tom Ford ‘Cole’ 61mm

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Until Next Time, Fellas!

Steve A. Nunez

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