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Suiting Up for Casual Friday


As we approach another Friday, my crusade to bring back casual Friday to it’s true form continues.

This week I tackle the casual suit. If done correctly, you can pretty much wear any of your current suits and turn them into your best casual Friday outfit. People usually wear jeans on Friday because they look and feel more comfortable. Give the casual suit look a try and you’ll feel way more comfortable and love the style.

I went with a dark brown suit and a soft yellow heathered v-neck tshirt. I really like this color combo. It’s a great transition from summer into fall. You can find me wearing this suit to meetings and presentations but on this day I transformed it into my casual suit.

Style Tip: In order to pull this look off, your suit pants should have a shorter hem than your usual suit pants. These aren’t jeans so any “slouchy/crunched pants” will seem a bit a messy.

Throw on a clean pair of sneakers (with no-show socks, of course) and out you go. My failproof sneakers to wear with a casual suit are the Jack Purcell Converse shoes.

It’s a pretty easy look to pull off; throw on your favorite suit and a nice comfortable tee. Rolling up your suit sleeves ensures no one confuses your casual look for a business suit. Most important part of the look: Confidence. Feel good. Look good. Do Good!

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Until Next Time, Fellas!

Steve A. Nunez

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