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Must Have Polo Shirts To Wear This Fall

I’ll be the first to admit: I always wish for cooler weather in L.A. during the summer, but when it gets cold, I’ll be the first to wish for warmer weather (yes, us LA natives are sensitive people). We’re well past the beginning of fall and I really enjoy the cooler days because I get to layer my outfits. But remember, this is Southern California and we’re expecting to hit the upper 80s this week.

I enjoy suiting up just like the next gent but I’m all for the “casual dressy” look. Nothing says, “I’m here to look professional but I’m also feeling casual” more than the suit and polo combo.

Sounds easy enough to just throw on any polo shirt and suit and out you go. For me personally, it takes a bit more thought to look “dressy casual” because you have to try to look casual without looking too casual… Confusing, right? Anyways, there is no better place to get inspiration than the 60’s vintage casual style. Think Don Draper or imagine what the Rat Pack would wear on casual Friday.

What I like about the 60’s style polo shirt is the collars would usually have a different color or design separate from the rest of the shirt. The separate color gives it that extra cool vintage factor. Be sure to opt for a more fitted style polo shirt. You don’t want to be drowning in it.

We’re going for the effortless “casual dressy” look so keep the accessories to a minimum. I kept it simple by adding a solid gold colored pocket square to my suit.

For shoes, I went with a pair of tan colored sneakers for a modern take on this classic look.

Gentlemen were rarely seen without a hat in the 60’s so of course I had to finish the look my Topman hat.

Here are some other of my favorite polo shirts to pair with a suit.

So there you have it, the fall polo shirt you need for warmer fall days, Give it a try for your next casual Friday at the office or a casual evening around town!

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Until Next Time, Fellas!

Steve A. Nunez

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