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How to Pull Off a Brown Suit

If you’re a modern day business man with a sense of style, then you’re familiar with the office commandments of wearing grey, blue or black suits to the office. But just like many dated fashion rules, it’s OK to wear a brown suit. Say it with me,“It’s OK to wear a brown suit”.

Wearing a brown suit can be tricky and it has strong ties to the ‘70s. But if worn correctly, a modern day brown suit is a great alternative to giving your standard blue and grey suits a break.

Here are a few simple tips to fit a brown suit into your rotation:

THE FIT: The way your clothes fit has a lot to do with your style. With a brown suit in particular, your suit should be tailored to fit close to your body. Don’t be that guy in the office wearing a brown suit that’s actually from the ‘70s.

SHIRTS TO WEAR: This is the simple part and the key to pulling off a brown suit. Wear a brown suit as if you were wearing a blue suit. What would you wear with a blue suit? In my case, I wore a pink gingham shirt from Banana Republic.

SHOES: Go with tan colored shoes to add some contrast.

STATEMENT PIECE: Wearing a brown suit is a statement in itself. Take your brown suit from the office to meeting with friends for coffee by throwing on cap.

If there was a good time to wear a brown suit it’s now. Dark chocolate, chestnut and caramel colors are perfect for fall. You’ve mastered the blue, black and grey suit. Now it’s time to step your game up and get that brown suit into your rotation.

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