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‘Tweeds the Season

A fall time classic we see every year is tweed. What I love about tweed is that it’s so versatile. You can dress it up, dress it down and layer it up. Tweed is a timeless piece that you should have in your closet. Invest wisely and if you take care of your jacket appropriately, it’ll last you for years.

I chose to dress down my tweed blazer by wearing a lighter shade of blue jeans. It’s been getting pretty chilly in L.A. so it was a perfect day to layer up. We don’t get this opportunity to often so I threw on a orange cardigan from H&M, a Banana Republic gingham shirt and a heathered skinny tie for a vintage touch.

Not only does a tweed jacket look pretty sweet, it also makes you smarter. Well… at least it makes you LOOK smarter. Try it out, no one questions a man wearing tweed. You know why? Because he’s wearing tweed! C’mon, keep up.

So what shoes would you pair up with a classic tweed blazer? Classic wingtips, of course. Tan wingtips go perfect with grey tweed. And just to make sure people know I’m not just all brains, I had some fun by adding baby blue striped socks. Cause you know, my outfit says "I’m here to study but I also want to party".

I bought this tweed blazer about 7 years ago! I’m always amazed when I walk into the same store and every fall and see the exact same tweed jacket for sale. So take it from me, tweed isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

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Steve A. Nunez

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