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Stay Warm in these Cool Colored Pants

Just because it’s cold, gloomy and rainy outside doesn’t mean we can’t break out some colored pants to brighten up our day. We usually reserve our bright pastel colors for the spring and summer but c’mon, these type of pants are way too versatile to store away until summer.

I went with a navy blue v-neck sweater, blue gingham shirt and grey blazer. I kept the top part of the outfit on the darker side.

These pants work great to wear to the office on casual Friday. If you notice, the pants aren’t as bright as you would expect to see during the warmer days. Get a pair of colored pants that have that worn in 'washed' look. The pants still stand out but are toned down a bit. Since it’s winter, make sure you don’t look like you’re heading to the beach by wearing darker or neutral colors for your jacket and shirt.

So if you’re looking to brighten up your outfit this winter, give these muted colored pants a try.

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