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Luxury Basics Worth Buying

I picked out these luxury basics from Kit & Ace, and they’re definitely basics worth investing in! I was sticker-shocked at first when I saw the price for a pair of joggers, but after trying them on and feeling the high quality material, it made me see luxury basics in an entirely different way.

I was also invited by Kit & Ace to participate in their speaker series event, The Time Out, as a panelist to talk about my experience with their clothing. I had a ton of fun hanging out with fellow menswear influencers as we spent a morning drinking champagne and talking menswear over brunch. Enjoy watching all the men's fashion and a peek of Kit & Ace’s special event!

Quick links for each brand and fashion influencer featured:

Kit and Ace:

Kit and Ace Executive Jogger:

Kit and Ace Sweaters & Jackets:

David Thande: @davidthande

Candice Nikeia:

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Steve A. Nunez

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