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4 Classic Sneakers to Wear with a Suit

Looking for some inspiration on how to wear sneakers with a suit? But you're also not looking to spend over $400 on a pair of Common Projects sneakers? I’m going to show you how to pair classic sneakers with a suit (and without breaking the bank)! And the best part is: you may already have a pair or two of these in your closet!

I'll also share with you some of my best styling tips for the type of suits and shirts to pair with your sneakers. With these tips, you'll be able to put a whole outfit together!

Let's go over some quick styling tips for the type of suits and shirts to pair with your sneakers.

Tip #1 Always go with a cotton suit

Cotton is a casual material and will pair up nicely with casual sneakers.


Go for slim fit suits

Fit is key. You have to be very particular with the way your suit fits when pairing it with sneakers. If the fit is bad, It'll look a lot more noticeable when wearing sneakers with a suit. A nicely tailored suit that hugs your body gives off a casual cool look especially when wearing one of these classic sneakers.

Tip #3

Pants should not touch your sneakers

If your pants touch your sneakers, you'll have a baggy look and you'll be confused for a '90s NBA basketball player rocking a suit with sneakers. Keep the pant nice a cropped above the shoes.

Tip #4 Wear a short-sleeved polo shirt or t-shirt

Tip #5 Roll up the sleeves

To add an extra casual look and feel, roll up those sleeves and no one will ever think your headed to office.

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Steve A. Nunez

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