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Secrets to Getting a Full Beard REVEALED!

One of the biggest trends for men at the moment isn't an article of clothing or a pair of shoes. It's actually something that you could 'grow'! We're talking facial hair, but not all of us are blessed with a thick beard. Some of us are stuck with a patchy beard and whiskers, while others seem to have perfectly dark, full and defined beards. Well... don't be fooled! A lot of those guys have a little secret to getting that perfect looking beard. I'm sharing secrets and tips to getting a fuller looking beard straight from the barbershop! Before I share with you secrets to getting a full beard, I need to let you know that there isn’t a magic pill or an elixir that will miraculously make you grow a thick a beard. It all comes down to genetics. Some guys are just hairier than others and others have thicker hair. But if you insist on joining that beard gang, I have some enhancers that will help you reach your beard goals. 1. Biotin This is a vitamin supplement that strengthens the hair you already have. It’s not going to make you grow a thick beard but it will give your existing beard a nicer and healthier look.

2. Bigen This is a semi-permanent hair dye. It's easier and faster to use than permanent hair dye. We simply add water and practically paint a beard on your face. Bigen helps fill in patchy beards by dying your hair and skin black. The dye lasts about a week so make sure to wait a few hours before showering or doing any activities that'll make you sweat to ensure it drys properly. That last thing you want is black dye running down your neck and staining your shirt! Every time you shower expect the Bigen to wear off. It should come off completely in about a week. This method is a good idea if you need a touch up for taking pictures or a special occasion.

3. Toppik Hair Building Fibers This method fills in your beard with lots of hair fibers. Think of the hair fibers as colored lint. We spray hair fibers on your beard and the fiber gets stuck in between the hairs on your beard and makes it look fuller and thicker. Toppik Hair Building Fibers mentions it is water proof but I wouldn't recommend getting near a pool when wearing it or plan to break a sweat in it. The product will rub off and leave a trail.

There you have it guys! I just shared some tips straight out of the barbershop, so let’s keep these tips a secret… Or NOT! Share these tips with your fellow gents! Remember, my personal preference is to work with what you have and go natural. But if you can’t resist and want to give your beard a boost, stop by The Social Cut in Pomona and we’ll be glad to give your beard some needed TLC.

To learn more about how these beard enhancers work click on the video below!

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