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How to Groom Your Eyebrows While Still Looking Like a Man

Part of a man's grooming regimen should include grooming their eyebrows. But how many times have you tried plucking or threading your brows? Don't lie... it hurts! Not only does it hurt but you end up red and swollen for the next couple of days and the end result makes your eyebrows look too perfect. Am I right?! The key to men's grooming is looking like a well groomed man without looking like you tried to hard. A natural look is always the best look.

I'm going to show you a quick and easy way how to groom your eyebrows at home pain-free!

The first item you’re going to need to do a quick eyebrow cleanup is Ardell Brow Trim & Shape: $3.99

Now, there are lots of other eyebrow razors out on the market, but this one works the best in my opinion. Other eyebrow razors don't seem as sharp (probably because they are meant for women, whose brow hair is much finer then men's brow hair). These eyebrow razors are sharp and don't tug. It works just like a straight razor but with protective teeth covering the blade so you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself when you trim those pesky long hairs that grow out from your natural eyebrow shape.

Using an eyebrow razor is also less painful than waxing or threading and it gives your eyebrows a more natural look. Meaning… you’ll look more like a cleaned up man!

The next item you’ll need is Trim Mustache Scissors & Comb 2pc: $2.87

This combo is meant for your mustache but it works perfect for eyebrow grooming because of its small size and the pointy, narrow blades. Use the small comb to comb through your eyebrows in an upward motion. Start cutting all the hairs the stick out above the shape of your eyebrow. For the tail of your eyebrows, come those hairs in a downward motion and cut the hairs that stick out below the shape of your eyebrow.

Now that you’ve learned a quick and easy way to keep your eyebrows well groomed, you have no excuse to leave the house looking like you have a caterpillar on your forehead.

For more step-by-step details on to groom your eyebrows using these tools, click on my YouTube video below!

Hope you guys enjoyed these grooming tips on getting your eyebrows trimmed while still looking like a man. If you guys are ever in the L.A. area, make sure to visit us at our new barbershop, The Social Cut in Downtown Pomona!

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Steve A. Nunez

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