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3 Foolproof Outfits for Every Occasion

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about fashion like: How do I build my wardrobe and where do I start? So let’s get back to BASICS! I have 3 Foolproof Outfits for you guys to get started and kickstart your fashion game!

Foolproof Outfit #1: Two-piece Grey Suit My go-to is the classic grey suit! You can wear this suit for multiple occasions: weddings, job interviews, a date, any dressing situation!

Some added accessories I enjoy wearing with a grey suit are a tie, any color that follows the hues of grey, or any other color if you so choose, and a simple white pocket square. Along with the suit, you need yourself a pair of wingtip lace ups, preferably black ones! These shoes are a classic! They’ll always be in style, and can go with many different colored suits!

Of course, you are not limited to a suit of just one color, MIX IT UP: Try on some tan wingtip lace ups with a brown suit or any color the follows the hues of brown!

Foolproof Outfit #2: White Tee & Blue Jeans Pair it up with a nice leather/pleather/black jacket And maybe include a pair of tan chelsea boots to add some contrast to your outfit!

Foolproof Outfit #3: Tracksuit This is what I consider my lazy outfit! This is for the guy chilling’ back at home, and needs to make quick run to the store. Forget putting on those basketball shorts and flip-flops! Get it together and stay looking’ good while you’re out!

There you have it! Go ahead and let your friends know, and let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading and looking forward to sharing more with you guys soon! Don't forget to follow me on social media for daily grooming tips and style advice! INSTAGRAM: @thesocialcut TWITTER: @thesocialcut YOUTUBE: The Social Cut FACEBOOK: The Social Cut SNAPCHAT: thesocialcut For more useful grooming tips and style advice: For questions or inquiries: Until Next Time, Gents! Steve A. Nunez

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