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Secrets to Shopping on a Budget

We want to look good and classy, but often find ourselves hurting our wallets at the cost of trying to dress for success. Well that hurt ends now because I’ve got you all covered on how to shop for good-quality clothes and accessories at low prices! Let me fill you in on all my shopping on a budget secrets!

Shopping Secret #1. is a site I browse through to look for brand-named clothes at amazingly low prices! I access all their low-priced clothes in the clearance section in their “Outlet” Tab

They are also very good with returns so don’t be afraid to try things out! Shopping Secret #2: Another site I like to use is 40% and FREE SHIPPING (At the time of the recording)

I usually shop here for basics, fast fashion, and their clothing comes in a quality that is similar to Forever 21. Shopping Secret #3: A hot accessory that can be pretty pricy most of the time are prescrribsiton glasses, but has your back! Their selection of glasses are WAAAY cheaper than Warby Parker!

I’ll talk about more of the frames that I have on my next video! Originally the frames that I’m wearing in the video were for $25, but with a coupon, I got them for FREE! Thinner Lenses: $9.99 Shipping: $5.95 Handling: $4.95 TOTAL: $20.89 ! Currently they have a buy one, get one free offer as well! There is also a “Try on” tab when you’re browsing through different frames!

Lens features include: Lens Type

Lens Thickness

Lens Coatings

Sample TOTAL w/ Promo Code they provide:

Well those are my secrets to shopping on a budget! Let me know what you think, and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you guys soon! Don't forget to follow me on social media for daily grooming tips and style advice! INSTAGRAM: @thesocialcut TWITTER: @thesocialcut YOUTUBE: The Social Cut FACEBOOK: The Social Cut SNAPCHAT: thesocialcut For more useful grooming tips and style advice: For questions or inquiries: Until Next Time, Gents! Steve A. Nunez

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