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$50 Outfit Challenge at H&M

Lately i’ve been talking about how to look good on a budget but now I decided that I do an outfit challenge to show you guys that you can look good on a budget by simply shopping at your local mall.

1. Hit Up the Sales Section!

You’re going to want to visit this section of the store first because you are aiming to save and not just buy any article of clothing that looks nice! You want to lock your sights on clothing that is already going to be less expensive.

You’ll be surprised at what you'll find on sale! If you skip to 1:50, you’ll see that I found a sweater that was originally $34.99, but was on sale for $5!! So no excuses gentlemen!

This is what I ended up finding at H&M!

But now let me show you what I actually purchased

And if you're counting, this outfit only came out to a minimal total of...

That is $28 LESS than what I initially wanted to spend! I’m thinking of doing another challenge like this with $100 but I’ll have to think about it because spending $100 on an outfit doesn’t seem so thrift-like. But I hope you enjoyed this challenge! I wanted to do this challenge to prove that you guys CAN still look good on a budget! Thanks for watching and I look forward to sharing more with you guys soon! Don't forget to follow me on social media for daily grooming tips and style advice! INSTAGRAM: @thesocialcut TWITTER: @thesocialcut YOUTUBE: The Social Cut FACEBOOK: The Social Cut SNAPCHAT: thesocialcut For more useful grooming tips and style advice: For questions or inquiries: Until Next Time, Gents! Steve A. Nunez

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