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The Perfect Watch to Take from Day Time Casual to Night Time Formal

Summer is officially here! With the change of the season also comes along the change of our wardrobe and accessories. Just like clothes, our accessories change to softer and lighter colors, in particular watches. Tan and light brown watches are go-to watches for the summer and even silver.

But this summer, I came across a sleek, slim, large-faced all black watch by DeMarco McHale. This type of watch is usually left for more formal attire or a dressier look but the all black minimalist style is actually versatile enough to wear even with a super California casual outfit. You could easily throw on a suit and pair this black watch with black lace ups for a sleek formal look but I wanted to show off the versatilely of wearing a black watch during summer and still look cool and casual.

Breakout the slip-ons, stripes and bold colors all summer long! The touch of black works perfect to balance out the bright colors.

If you're like me, you have TONS of color black in your closet so it's almost impossible not wear during summer. So Instead of trying to avoid it, embrace it by adding touches of black to your summer outfits!

I'm loving my new DeMarco McHale watch! And you know I'm always balling on a budget so to grab a watch like this for under $100 is awesome. It's the perfect watch to wear from day time casual to night time formal attire!

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