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Hair Dyeing Tips for Men

Hair dyeing has always been a thing for guys but in recent years hair dyeing for men has been having a big moment! Whether you're looking to completely bleach your hair, cover some gray or add some highlights you'll need know to know a few things beforehand to avoid a catastrophic dye job.

In my latest video, I'm taking you guys along with me to get my hair dyed so you can get a first-hand look on what it's like to get your dyed and giving you tips to help you pick the best color for you and how to care for your newly dyed hair.

Here are some quick tips (check out the video for more details):

1. Know the expectations

Depending on the color of you natural hair, it might take several times to dye your hair to the desire color of your choice. Darker hair usually requires multiple treatments.

2. Don't go cheap

A good dye job is worth the cost. Do your research and go with a trained professional. If you're doing it yourself or having a friend do it for you, you'll definitely regret it.

3. Hair dyeing aftercare is vital

A good shampoo and conditioner will make or break your dye job. You already invested in dyeing your hair so make sure to take care of it. You'll need some purple shampoo and a good conditioner to preserve your new color and will even enhance the hair dye.

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