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All You Need to Know About Linen Suits

What’s up fellas, today we’re going to keep the flow going with the warmer weather topics, we’re going to be talking about linen suits. That’s right, I’ll be answering your questions like what is a linen suit, how do I wear a linen suit, and what are they made of. I’ll be going over all of that good stuff with you guys today.

The first suit you have to have is this creamy white color, which is the more traditional suit. You’ll typically find these suits in this color. Up next you gotta have this blue, which as also another traditional color. They come in a ton of different colors but these are my favorite. These are real basic/standard colors you should have. You can mix and match these, for example, you can wear the cream pants with the blue blazer and vice versa.

So what is a linen suit you might ask, well they’re actually made fibers of the flax plant and are woven together which actually takes some time. This material is a lot cooler than cotton and it actually absorbs and dries a lot quicker than cotton, making it a staple piece for this summer. You’ll see these suits a lot in places like Miami where it’s very humid and hot, explaining why it’s a go-to suit.

Now you see, guys are scared to wear linen suits due to the fact that it’s gonna get wrinkles, but that’s the entire point of the suit. The material is the type of material where it’s going to get wrinkles. You’re going to get lots of wrinkles on areas like your elbow and knee and even through the entire suit. The wrinkles are supposed to give the suit character, that’s the “look” of the linen suit. I know when I first saw the linen suit I thought it was a super cool suit and it looked super comfortable (and it is) but I remember when I started wearing it, I would get all of these wrinkles and they wouldn’t go away. I was so used to wearing traditional suits where you have to look clean and sharp that when I would wear the linen suits the wrinkles would bother me all day. I even started carrying a portable steamer around with me. Later on realizing that’s the whole point of the suit and now I love the wrinkles and creases, you really gotta embrace it because it’s part of the “look”.

Now how do you wear a linen suit, can you wear it to the office? Yes, yes you can. In fact, you can wear it to the office or you can wear it on a casual day. There are different ways to style a linen suit, I style them in more of a casual sense but that’s just my style. So what I do is I like to wear a t-shirt or even a v-neck underneath these suits, and if you’re feeling bold you can even wear a tank top too. Sneakers are also a great way to style these suits You can also wear a clean white button up with a tie or no tie. And for the ultimate casual look, you can wear these suits with sandals (which I love).

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