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Walmart Fashion on a Budget

Hey! Today we’re going to be talking about how to look fashionable on a budget. I’ll be at Walmart today and I’ll be showing you guys what items they have there and even some DIY tips and tricks to save money.

Walmart has really stepped up their game in my opinion. They have a variety of choices for clothing now, anywhere from Wrangler and Dickies to Disney and Hawaiian shirts.

During my search at Walmart I found a Mickey Mouse long sleeve, which was very thin so you wouldn’t get hot in it and it was a very loud peach color. I paired that shirt with some cool bright blue shorts to give it some retro skater vibes.

Next I found a white tank top that I paired up with a floral Hawaiian shirt and some shorts. This is great for guys that love to layer all year round.

Next I found a lavender short sleeve sweater which is perfect for summer due to the fact of the short sleeves. I paired this up with some shorts and Doc Martens. (Walmart is out of stock with the lavender short sleeve sweaters so i found a substitute)

Now for the DIY tricks, instead of buying some new black shorts, I used some old black pants and cut them into shorts. Next to add more character to the short sleeve sweater I distressed the sleeves by cutting them with my scissors.

That’s all for today guys, thanks for tuning in and taking the time out of your day to read this. Don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media for more grooming and fashion tips.

Until next time!

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