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Difference Between Taper vs. Fade

Welcome back to The Social Cut, thank you guys for taking the time to read this today. Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between a taper fade and fade. There are many different types of fades including a taper fade, low fade, mid fade, high fade, and high and tight fade. We’re going to be discussing all of these so we can educate ourselves about the differences between all of these.

What is a fade you might ask; a fade is when you blend the hair so it gradually increases in length the higher up you go.

Let’s start off with a taper fade (the lowest fade), this type of fade consist of only having to blend the sideburns and the bottom on the neck. This type of fade allows for there to be a lot more darker areas of hair all around your head.

Next is a low fade, this fade is pretty self explanatory but this fade starts above the sideburns and ears and goes around the whole entire head as well.

Up next is a mid fade, this fade starts either right below the temple or right on the temple area. Same as the other fades, it gradually goes up in length the higher up you go.

Now, the high fade. This fade starts above the temple and goes around the entire head as well.

Lastly, the high and tight fade. This type of fading is more of a military style cut. This fade is extremely high and clean giving it very little room to fade.

Hopefully these tips help you guys out with knowing the different types of fade there are. Until next time social gents!

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