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NEW VIDEOS: The Best of Fashion Week LA 2016

Spring has sprung which means time to say goodbye to winter wear and hello spring fashion. What better way for some of the best menswear designers to show off their spring collections than in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles.

FWLA kicked-off its fashion shows at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. The theme: Skin. The more you show, the better. Day 1 featured runway shows by Cynthia Rowley Swimwear, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Ro & De Noir, Royal Majesty and Robin’s Jeans.

FWLA Day 2 only gets better! For the fellas, sandals are a must have in your closet for spring and summer. And I’m not talking about flip flops, I’m talking about some upscale leather sandals. The designers knew how to appeal to the L.A. dress code by mixing formal and casual wear just right. Moods of Norway fashion show suckered me into buying leather sandals and pairing them with everything from suits to swimwear (damn those Norwegians!).

I was also invited to participate as a panelist during FWLA to share some tips and my expertise on men’s grooming and styling.

AND of course I wouldn’t just tell you about it, I got you guys an inside look of all the fashion and runway shows of FWLA! Check out the upcoming clothing collections and runway shows by Evae Evae, Naven, Konus, Adil Bourabi and Moods of Norway and more!

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Until Next Time, Gents!

Steve A. Nuñez

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