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Hairstyling Hacks for Men

There is nothing better than feeling like a million dollars after leaving the barbershop. You look good and feel good! But... what happens when try to replicate the masterpiece that your barber created on your head at home? It just doesn't look as good as when your barber styles your hair. Lucky for you, I'm sharing my tips and barber hairstyling hacks so you can achieve the perfect hairstyle at home!

Hairstyling Hack #1: Get a Proper Haircut

If you want your hair to go in particular direction when you style it, then you must get your hair cut in the direction you want to style it. If it doesn't get cut in the right direction you are going to have hairs sticking out all over the place and the hairstyle will not come out the way it is suppose to.

Hairstyling Hack #2: Do Not Let Your Hair Air Dry.

When you let your hair air dry it becomes harder to comb because the hair dries in whatever direction it landed making it harder to style because it falls back into place when it air dried. This is something to avoid. For better results, dry you hair in the direction that you comb it. For example, If you comb your hair to the right, wet it and comb it to the right. That way when it dries it stays in that direction in which you combed it.

Hairstyling Hack #3: Comb Your Hair Up While Blow drying it.

A great way to get volume in your hair is to blow dry your hair up. Also, if you want extra volume blow dry your hair in the opposite direction. It makes the hair stay up more and makes it easier to style.

Hairstyling Hack#4: Apply Hair Product On Dry Hair

Applying hair product to wet hair dilutes the hair product and will give your hair less hold. The product will not grip to the hair and will not hold.

Bonus Tip: Apply a small amount of hair product in the opposite direction of how you comb your hair.

When you go the opposite way you're getting to the bottom of the hair. Doing so gives your hair added volume. After applying a small amount of hair product in the opposite direction, proceed combing your hair as you normally do using the usual amount of hair product and in the direction you like.

Hairstyle hack#5 Use Your Eyebrow As a Guide to Part Your Hair

Not a lot of people know that the way to find the part for your hair is to use your eyebrow. You use the highest point of your eyebrow and just go diagonal with it and that is how you find your part. If you want to keep it more natural looking you can use your fingers and run it through your hair or if you want it more slick look use a comb.

There you have it guys! I just shared some tips straight out of the barbershop, so let’s keep these tips a secret… Or NOT! Share these tips with your fellow gents! And of course, don't forget to stop by The Social Cut barbershop in Pomona for all your men's grooming needs!

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