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5 Men's Grooming Myths Busted

Most of my topics for by blog and YouTube videos come from guys asking questions while I'm cutting their hair at the barbershop. I hear a lot of crazy myths about growing thicker beard, cover bald spots, hair products, and the list goes on. I finally decided to answer the most common myths!

MYTH #1: Shampoo Hair Everyday

When you shampoo everyday it dries your hair out leaving it brittle, dry, stripping the hairs natural oils which give it its Shine. We should be shampooing about 2 -3 times a week. But use some conditioner when showering. Try Dry shampoo which leaves your hair nice and smooth and manageable. MYTH #2: Shaving Will Make You Grow a Beard

Guess what guys? Shaving will not make you grow a beard, it’s hereditary, it’s in your genes, as you get older you’ll just grow more hair or sometimes you won’t. So don’t fall for those ads trying to sell you pills to help you grow a nice beard, it won’t work for you, sorry. MYTH #3: Using Sunblock / SPF Only for the Beach

Guys, we're living in different time now, we're used to just using sunblock when going to the beach. It’s very important to use sunblock with a moisturizer. Now there’s moisturizer with sunblock in it, use it, even if there’s no sun out because the rays will still get you. As we get older you want to avoid those wrinkles, take care of your skin. My favorite products are Neutrogena , Cetaphil, Aveeno Lotion because all have SPF in it. MYTH #4: Manicures and Pedicures are Only for Women

Women don’t want to see guys with dry nasty cracked skin on their hands and feet. You don’t have to go all out and and get polished and shined just simply ask for a nice clean up , get your cuticles trimmed and nails buffed. It’s all about proper maintenance. You want to look nice, clean and fresh all year long. MYTH #5: Plucking a Gray Hair Will Make You Grow More Gray Hair

It’s a myth guys! Every follicle on your head is independent. Graying hair is caused by your follicles losing pigment. So plucking it out is not going to cause you to grow more gray hairs but you don’t want to pluck it out cause it can damage the follicle. There’s other options, you can dye your hair do what you got to do. There you have it! 5 grooming myths busted. Let me know what you think, if you have any more myths to share or If you have any questions about men’s grooming let me know and we’ll talk about it .

Thanks for watching my video hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you guys comment, and visit The Social Cut barbershop located in Downtown Pomona for all your grooming needs.

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